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mk2 Biotechnologies

mk2 Biotechnologies is a spin-off project at the Chair of Biopolymer Chemistry. The project is based on a recombinant peptide and protein synthesis and purification platform, which allows for the synthesis of high purity amino acid chains with arbitrary properties. This includes arbitrary chain length, charge, polarity and hydrophobicity.

The project is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund through the program EXIST Forschungstransfer and aims to commercialize the platform technology by developing new peptide-based solutions for several challenges in the fields of cosmetics, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and others.

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Open positions

We offer regularly internships, research positions (e.g. bachelor and master) and similar. If you are interested working with us, please apply via Email to Marco.Giuman[at]


Bachelor thesis or research internship in method development for protein and peptide analysis


Hello there! We are looking for interested students in the field of peptide biosynthesis. The scientific focus is set on the expression and purification of recombinant peptides as well as on a method development for their characterization. The tasks may include:

  • expression and purification according to protocol
  • hardware calibration
  • sample preparation
  • (semi-) quantification of the products
  • pointing out white spots & weak points

Relevant fields of study: molecular biotechnology, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering and similar